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Neurosphera – Center for Neurology, Epilepsy and Psychiatry

- comprehensive, multidirectial and modern care for patients with epilepsy.

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We focus 100% on epilepsy treatment
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Modern treatment methods.
If you wish, we will notify you by text or email when you have an appointment and are running out of medication.
Telemedicine consultations
A Convenient way to consult with experienced experts and neurologists, without leaving your home.
Regular contact with doctor
You can communicate freely with your health care provider or take advantage of the online standby service.
Patient Panel
Medical history, medical documents and recommendations all available in one place, all in digital format.
We issue prescriptions electronically, without you having to leave your home or make an appointment.
Calendar Incident
Administer an electronic seizure and event diary that your health care provider will have access to.
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How does Neuroterminal work?

Fill out the registration form to create an account on the Neuroterminal app.
Receive an email with an activation link to confirm your information matches.
Login to the Neuroterminal app and complete the information in the Patient Profile.
Choose a doctor, a date and make your first appointment (ZERO appointment).
You can pay for it safely with PayU (bank transfer, by bank or card).
For your convenience, we can remind you of an upcoming appointment by sending a text message.
You will schedule each subsequent appointment, whether online or in-person, directly through Neurterminal.
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