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Zespół profesjonalnych lekarek analizuje obraz na monitorze
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Our vision is to improve the comfort and quality of everyday life for as many people suffering from epilepsy as possible by using our wide knowledge and modern technology.

Neurosphera’s mission is the constant improvement of quality and effectiveness of epilepsy treatment. First of all, we want to understand the needs and concerns of our patients in order to respond to them precisely and effectively. Each case is the most important for us, both simple and more complicated, regardless of the stage of the disease, age or presence of comorbid diseases. This is why individual therapy and personalised care is the highest standard for us in our daily work with the patient.

At Neurosphera we want to gather the best knowledge and experience, so that we can constantly increase the availability of the most modern global treatment methods for all of our patients. We also invest in the development of modern technologies that will help us to provide a better diagnosis, choose a more effective treatment and ensure constant contact with the patient. We work, so that our knowledge, passion and engagement will make Neurosphera a modern, comprehensive and a unique epilepsy therapy centre.

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