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Lekarka przeprowadza konsultację z pacjentem

The patient comes first - the "zero" appointment

The main thing is to understand and learn exactly about the problems of our patients. Therefore, we introduced the “zero appointment”, during which the doctor takes a thorough, very detailed medical history from the patient. The data received are analysed not only by an experienced neurologist, but also by the robot Ictal, which is equipped with artificial intelligence.

During the appointment, the doctor will establish your medical record, including your medical history, so that it can be completed in a structured and comprehensive way and can be digitised. The next appointment, the so-called “first” appointment, takes place with an attending physician chosen by the patient. The doctor receives a prepared set of information, a structured medical history, additional materials, so that he/she can diagnose efficiently and propose further stages of the treatment plan.

A comprehensive care plan

As part of the comprehensive care plan every patient, regardless who their attending physician is, receives consolidated, qualitative help, access to constant support and proven therapeutic solutions. If necessary, the attending physician may order additional tests, consult a doctor of another specialization, summon a medical case conference of Neuroshpera, consisting of doctors of higher medical degree or of related specializations.

The comprehensive care plan, implemented thanks to the Neuroterminal system, provides patients with the possibility of scheduling in-person appointments, video consultations, exchange of messages with their doctor, or receiving on-call advice during non-working days. This is a device for convenient communication with the doctor, which allows an easy exchange of information and ensures continuity of the therapy plan with the possibility of flexible adjustment to changing situations.

Lekarz pokazuje strukturę na modelu mózgu
Lekarze analizują dokumentację medyczną

Previous patients

For our current in-patients we have prepared a so-called migratory appointment with an attending physician. That way, the patients who have been under our care for some time now, will not only be able to have their next scheduled consultation, but will also be able to begin actively using all the facilities and possibilities of our new Neuroterminal system.

During the migratory appointment, the doctor will explain all the essential details and help to introduce the patient to the new system. From now on, your treatment will be supported not only by the neurologist, but also by our Ictal® robot.


Diagnostics is based not only on data analysis, medical history and consultation with the doctor, but also on tests which we run both at our premises and at the patient’s home.

Our modern EEG/VEEG/PSG laboratory is available for patients, where EEG tests in children and adults are run. We carry out the examination in the states of wakefulness, falling asleep and sleep, as well as VEEG (video EEG in a multi-hour, multi-channel mode), QEEG (mathematical analysis of the EEG recording using mapping, dipoles and fractal analysis) and polysomnography. This provides us with a current picture of the situation and allows us to propose specific solutions.

Lekarki analizują obraz na monitorze.
Doświadczony lekarz w maseczce analizuje obraz mri

Consultations with doctors of other specialities

At Neuropshera, we focus especially on the treatment of epilepsy. However, it does not mean that people with other medical conditions do not have any possibility of using our services or are treated differently. Quite the opposite! Every patient possesses the same set of options and devices.

They have an option of scheduling an in-person or an online appointment, consultations with other specializations, or an EEG test, regardless whether they suffer from epilepsy or not.

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