Neurosphera in questions and answers. A new series of videos!

Neurosphera is a new quality in epilepsy treatment, based on many years of experience of specialists in epileptology, clinical neurophysiology and many related fields. It is also the use of artificial intelligence, which effectively supports their actions. Learn more about Neurosphera and check out the first video in the Neurosphera in questions and answers series!


The Neurosphera Q&A video series was created to allow our patients and their loved ones to get to know Neurosphera better. These are short and concise answers to the most common questions we get.

The first video contains answers to basic questions, thanks to which you will learn

  • what the neural network is,
  • how it functions in Neurosphera,
  • what are the levels of care,
  • what are the available visit formulas.

We encourage you to watch the video and follow the next episodes of our new series!


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