Anna Pysz

MD Anna Pysz
MD Anna Pysz
Clinical Specialist
She graduated as a doctor from Pomeranian Medical University 2010-2016, did her postgraduate internship and residency in neurology at the District Specialized Hospital SPZZOZ in Stalowa Wola from 2017-2023 with the title of neurology specialist in 2023.

She received a congratulatory letter from the Minister of Health during the “Specialist 2022” ceremony in Warsaw, Poland, due to receiving a very good grade in the 2022 State Specialty Examination.
In 2018-2020 she took a course in EEG certified by PTNK at the AKSON Medical Education Center in Milanowek. Since 2018, she has been describing EEG examinations of adults.
Obtaining PTNK license in the field of EEG in 2023r.
Participated in the Carotid Artery Ultrasound Course organized by the Roztoczan School of Ultrasonography.

Actively working in Neurology Outpatient Clinics since 2019r.
Member of the Polish Neurological Society, the Polish Society of Clinical Neurophysiology, the Polish Medical Society.

Neurosphera Services

  • Admits adults on a visit 1 and regular visit basis
  • Consults medical records
  • Describes adult EEG study
  • Provides neurological consultations
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